You are invited to join Jess & Tyson for

The Artful Summer


Where it be?

Camp Porcho – Jess and Tyson’s place (contact directly for address, txt for fast response)

Easiest parking is on Bessemer St., one half block north of Oxnard off Bellaire Ave.

When is it?

Check this calendar for specific information about what’s happening on specific nights.

image1What is it?

The purpose of the Artful Summer is to help us stay on-track with art-making and allow Tyson enough time to finish the large number of big art pieces he needs to make for his exhibition on October 1. We will have open doors at the dates and times (and others that are TBA) listed on the calendar (link above).


Why are you doing this?

We love being social, celebrating, and our friends. We work during the day, so the only time we have to make our art is in the evening. Even the couple nights per week we typically socialize (with “framily” dinners, one-off meet-ups, special occasions, etc.) has become a hindrance in our ability to work, and we desperately need to tighten up our schedules so that we are able to complete the huge projects we need to finish this summer.

We want to hang out, and we still want to share our time with the people we love. But we also need to be here, where our supplies are and where, for example, Tyson can leave the room for a few minutes once an hour to apply another coat of paint before resuming socializing, so we don’t lose a whole night of production.

Is this forever?

Nope. We’ll probably get back to looking outward for social events more once Tyson’s exhibition begins on October 1. Right now, we have a concrete deadline, by which time he has to finish all of his paintings. His work requires being at home for dedicated large blocks of time.


Will you be adding more dates and times?

Absolutely! The staggered Tues/Thurs and Wednesday weeknights currently listed will be supplemented with additional days, including some full-day weekend times and other evenings. As we both have day jobs, we will not be including any weekdays before 5pm, unless we win a million dollars and can quit working for other people, who unfairly demand our time during business hours. Monsters.

What projects are you working on?

  1. Tyson will be working on the twenty-two large abstract paintings for his gallery exhibition in October.
  2. Jess will be working on: the Pookie Pots Coloring Book (basically me, sitting around drawing pictures related to weed), and sometimes test baking.  
  3. Jess will be working on the One Lonely Heart short film that will accompany the WE FEW album she and Nate are recording now. This will include filming, animating, miniature set building, etc.

IMG_3055On days when big things (like filming) will be taking place, we will make it clear on the calendar, along with what you can do to help if you want to join in and lend your hands and/or expertise. For those days, I will provide a link to a google doc with complete details. No experience is necessary if you want to help and sit-in. We would love to involve you and invite you into the art-making process.

So…what’s the deal, and should I bring something?

If you have a specific art project you want to bring and work on, even if it’s just a coloring book, bring it on over! I also have lots of stuff you can use (see below) if you want to make crafts. You can come and drink vodka straight from the bottle while watching us do artful shit, or you can join in. We’ll probably have a movie or something on TV, and there will be ample time for talking and chillin’ while we work. Just think of it as you dropping in to see what’s up. We will try our best not to be naked when you arrive.

What supplies are available?

Various adhesive options, a shit ton of glitter, markers, crayons, pencils, paints, and paper. Paper cutters, scissors, Exacto knives, spoons, cats, and paintbrushes. A sewing machine, and sewing supplies.

What about food?

We may have some snacks around the house you can forage, and every once in awhile I’m sure I will find it in myself to make dinner for general consumption. I may also use some of this creative time for Pookie Pots test bakes, though I can’t guarantee the quality of what is produced. Those days will also be listed explicitly on the calendar. There may or may not be community booze supply on any given day. Point is, if you’re hungry, you are welcome to “pack in” your dinner and snacks, booze, etc., but for your own well-being, don’t rely on my poor adulting skills and assume there will be sustenance here. Within walking distance, there is Thai food and two kabob places, as well as a little market. Lots of places deliver, and there’s a ton of stuff within reasonable driving distance of here. But I’ll do my best to have snacks, at least.

Are the times and dates flexible?

If you’re going to be in the area and want to come over a little early, that’s totally cool, but I will probably be working and might not be able to hang out until the specified time. Just check with me first.

We respectfully ask that if you come to join us for one of our art days or nights, that you depart at the time listed. This is for various reasons, but mostly because of neighbors and that we have to get up pretty early for work.

So, you’re seriously not going to socialize this summer?

We are, but we will be exclusively socializing at our home. (See all other questions above.) We will not be accepting invites to outside events until after Tyson’s show.

If you have any questions, please email me at! Keep an eye on the calendar for newly added dates and events. Hopefully you can show up a few times and join us in our summer art adventures; enjoy yourselves, teach us and let us teach you, and generally become more engaged in an artful life for your time and effort.

With love and hoping to see your lovely face,


P.S. Look for #artfulsummer on social media to see what we’re up to! I’ll be posting pics after each open house. <3

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