People often ask, “So…exactly what do you do?” The answer is complicated. As a seeker of experiences and knowledge from a young age, my interests were so wildly varied that I had trouble pinning down exactly what I wanted out of life. My first job was as a veterinary assistant, and through the years, I’ve been in business development and sales, I’ve been a children’s book editor, screenwriter, web designer, illustrator, worked as a nanny, and taught technology, arts, and science to K-5th grade at a charter school for six years. I’ve been a bartender, personal assistant, bookkeeper, and professional musician. So when people say, “What do you do?” I often flippantly answer, “What don’t I do?”

After all these years of gathering skills and testing the waters, living in lots of different places, around lots of different people, I find myself happily settled back in LA with a skill set to make my dreams a reality. I’ve been asked if I regret not focusing on a single career path; if I regret being “behind” people my age. It took a collection of experiences to get me to this place, and I am directly where I want to be.

My passion is supporting others. I have always loved helping people get small businesses off the ground, and being an educator and mentor. I like that I’m great at fixing problems. And combined with the creativity and skills my partners in life and business possess, I have my own little dream team. What I am not capable of doing, myself, I have a deep network of talented, skilled friends to fill the gaps. So, that’s what we (my husband, Tyson, and my best friend, Nate – and I) did. We connected with other driven, skilled people of a multitude of backgrounds and interests in our communities. We launched a label and an art gallery. We choose now to focus our efforts on building a supportive community that recognizes quality artistry of all types. These are our passion projects.

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