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My passion is supporting others. I have always loved helping people get small businesses off the ground, and being an educator and mentor. Combined with the creativity and skills my partners in life and business possess, I have my own little dream team. So, that’s what we (my husband, Tyson, and my best friend, Nate – and I) did. We connected with other driven, skilled people of a multitude of backgrounds and interests in our communities. We launched a record label and an art gallery. We choose now to focus our efforts on building a supportive community that recognizes quality artistry of all types. These are our passion projects.

Click here to visit SundayNightRecords.com

Click here to shop art at EstesFineArt.com


I have been building WordPress sites for my clients for over ten years. I have experience working with: user dashboards, e-commerce, LMS (Learning Management Systems), sales funnels, and whatever else is needed to create great UI for your website, and a great user experience for your customers and clients.  Much of the work I do is on the back-end or proprietary (membership only), so if you’d like more information about my work, please let me know, and design mock-ups for existing projects can be arranged. I may outsource and work on site builds with Dave Winter, the WordPress Whisperer, who is absolutely an expert in his field for WordPress, technical, and coding needs, as well as large project UI and UX design. If you’d like to know more about working with Dave, me, or both of us, please get in touch.

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