Pour Yourself a Drink

I was recently invited to join a chain mail type email thing. This is not something I ever have, or thought I would ever do. But, as it encouraged me to send a note of encouragement to a stranger and held the prospect of insight into other people’s source of inspiration, I bit. I said yes to the chain letter, and sent off my missive. And if only to share one of my favorite quotes about the power of positive thinking (and positive boozing), I share it with you. 

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Bumps and Hiccups

So many projects, so little time!

Here I am, trying to launch this site so I’m not that person who’s selling websites and design without any websites or designs online. ahem Like I have been for the past five years, since the last time I decided to work on my site.

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The Unveilening

It’s almost ready to go: the first decent website I’ve created for myself in years.

I’m the kind of person who will tell an author to let go of the editing process so they can finish the book, then take ten years writing my own novel because I can’t stop editing it to death. The type who wants to build an immersive web experience for myself, but jeez….who has the time? I’m a working designer; all my big chunks of time and creativity go into serving my clients.

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