You are invited to join Jess & Tyson for

The Artful Summer


Where it be?

Camp Porcho – Jess and Tyson’s place (contact directly for address, txt for fast response)

When is it?

Check this calendar for specific information about what’s happening on specific nights.

What is it?

The purpose of the Artful Summer is to help us stay on-track with art-making and allow Tyson enough time to finish the large number of big art pieces he needs to make for his exhibition on October 1. We will have open doors at the dates and times (and others that are TBA) listed on the calendar (link above).


Why are you doing this?

We love being social, celebrating, and our friends. We work during the day, so the only time we have to make our art is in the evening. Even the couple nights per week we typically socialize (with “framily” dinners, one-off meet-ups, special occasions, etc.) has become a hindrance in our ability to work, and we desperately need to tighten up our schedules so that we are able to complete the huge projects we need to finish this summer.

We want to hang out, and we still want to share our time with the people we love. But we also need to be here, where our supplies are and where, for example, Tyson can leave the room for a few minutes once an hour to apply another coat of paint before resuming socializing, so we don’t lose a whole night of production.

Is this forever?

Nope. We’ll probably get back to looking outward for social events more once Tyson’s exhibition begins on October 1. Right now, we have a concrete deadline, by which time he has to finish all of his paintings. His work requires being at home for dedicated large blocks of time.


For more info, check your email and connect to the Google Doc I sent out to the Greater Known Universe. 

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