A Sort-of-Newsletter

Greetings and salutations, friend!

I hope you are happy and healthy as summer gives up the ghost to cooler days and pumpkin-flavored everything, and we head into the season of pretend-autumn here in Los Angeles. Brace yourself as flip-flops are replaced with Uggs, and the charming scent of wood smoke wafts over the Southland, where night temperatures plummet dangerously into the mid-fifties.


It was a busy summer for me. It began with my record label releasing a new album, I completed my first coloring book, left my job of five years as Creative Director of a wellness brand, and cemented a superhero-like alliance with a killer WordPress developer who’s going to help me realize my plan for total world domination. You may already know him simply as “Dave.”

This year has been all about completing projects, and it sure felt good. Can I help you push one of your projects through to the finish line, even if it’s just with a high five and some words of encouragement? I can’t overstate the emotional reward of closure and completion.

My partners-in-tech and I are currently working on storybook app, and have just launched some web development projects that include super-custom user portals and learning management systems. I’m currently at the tail-end of my coloring book Kickstarter, collaborating on an animation project, working on some illustrations of my own, and working with YogaKids to help them through the launch of my first big original product design and release, an illustrated kids’ yoga mat. It is thoroughly adorable and will be available in October.

It’s awesome what one can accomplish with the right support network.

Maybe Stuff That Concerns You

As of October 1, I’m available. Please feel free to pass on my info if you know of anyone who needs website, content, or design help. I do offer referral bonuses, which include cash, comps, and/or cupcakes, depending on your business needs and dietary allowances.

I’ve hired an admin assistant who will be available for basic things, like billing, as well as tutorials and help

ONE MORE REALLY IMPORTANT THING: It has recently come to my attention that you are allowed to use a free form of encryption for your website that does not require you to purchase a yearly SSL certificate. If you have a hosting renewal coming up, please give me a shout before you make your purchase, and I’ll make sure you have access to the service through your C-Panel, or tell you how to add the certificate yourself. This can save you $60-90/year.  

Give me a shout if you need anything! 

As always, thank you for being awesome. I appreciate you. ❤

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