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Welcome to McNoodles World HQ

Home to the sparkly stylings of *Pookie McNoodles!

My professional life has taken me from the hip corporate digs of Fortune 500 companies to the seedy underbellies of K-5 school playgrounds, and has held many wacky adventures in between. I’m a graphic designer and development editor with a passion for color, words, and mischief. I’ve written for network television, big-budget Hollywood movies, and worked with novelists, screenwriters, and non-fiction writers to develop their stories. I’ve also worked extensively with kids, from developing kids’ educational content to creating, implementing, and teaching art, science, and computer curriculum for local charter schools and creative enrichment programs.

Pookie’s Power Skills:

  • lllustration
  • Layout & Design (print)
  • UI (web & apps)
  • UX for your brand
  • Script and novel development editing
  • Human communication
  • Cat whispering

If you need other professional services for your project, I also work with programmers, photographers, videographers and video editors, marketing, IT, and business services professionals for whom I can provide referrals upon request. While I am currently not available for new projects, I’m sure we can find someone in my network of reliable, trustworthy partners in business who can help.

I am currently writing on SEXY BEAST, for Paramount Studios (2020). I just finished illustrating Stella and the Starcells (available now); started an art collective with some uber-talented artist friends (bearchilde); published my first adult coloring book, Pookie’s Cannabis Coloring Adventure. I live in Los Angeles with one husband and two opinionated cats. I enjoy cupcakes, crushing the patriarchy, and camping in cougar-country.

Spilling wine all over myself in front of a fence I painted at Sisters Art & Vintage (Marshall, TX).

*Pookie McNoodles is the artist formerly known as Jess. You may be more comfortable discussing your design project with Pookie and your billing needs with “Jess.” This is perfectly acceptable, and I will do my best to accommodate your needs as an adult human who, sadly, does not have room for whimsy in your sad, sad grown-up heart. 

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