Upcoming Funsies

Just a quick update, since I haven’t been writing much lately… Things That Are Happening My first kids book is coming! As of August 2019, I have just finished illustrating Stella and The Starcells, a lovely book by Heather Amey, that explores the interconnectedness of all things. It’s full of glowy, whimsical delights, and I’m … Keep Readin’

Saying Yes to NO

taking too much on makes you work less efficiently

The Heart Nos I vividly remember my first big NO, professionally speaking. I’d been successfully and quickly climbing the corporate ladder at a Fortune 500 company. A corporate take-over ensued, and a nonsensical re-organization was initiated by our new parent company. After a sterling couple years of great reviews, excelling at my job, blowing sales … Keep Readin’

A Sort-of-Newsletter

Greetings and salutations, friend! I hope you are happy and healthy as summer gives up the ghost to cooler days and pumpkin-flavored everything, and we head into the season of pretend-autumn here in Los Angeles. Brace yourself as flip-flops are replaced with Uggs, and the charming scent of wood smoke wafts over the Southland, where … Keep Readin’

ADA Compliance and You

ADA logo - Americans with Disabilities

The More You Know A few weeks back I got a call from a confused compatriot: “One of my clients just got a warning letter that their website isn’t ADA compliant, and they have to fix it before they get sued. Know anything about this?” Who knew?¬†was my first thought, followed quickly by a cascade … Keep Readin’


So, here’s a thing about me: I don’t really have my own story to tell. I’ve traveled, played in bands, befriended hundreds, rich and poor, and animals and very old trees; I have obtained equal enjoyment from taco trucks and Michelin starred restaurant food, I have loved good company and alone-ness in great metropoles and … Keep Readin’

Color Me Butterfly

I did not make this butterfly, but it should not stop you from downloading and coloring it, because goshdarnit, you deserve some color in your life today.  

Just show up. The end.

I never really used to understand it when people told me they were impressed with my performance just because I’d show up to a meeting on time or hit a deadline. See, I’m not 100% consistent on hitting deadlines. When you’re in development and working on projects with clients, sometimes there are delays. Sometimes it’s … Keep Readin’

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